France’s new hero – a blonde quiffed eight year old

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Forget Tintin or Asterix the Gaul, France’s new comic-strip hero is now an eight year old boy with a little round head and a blond quiff named Titeuf (Tootuff in English). Created in 1992 by Zep (the pseudonym of Swiss cartoonist Philippe Chappuis), the best selling character leads the life of your typical French schoolboy.

Surrounded by extended family-members, teachers, school bullies and a group of friends including Hugo, Manu, Jean-Claude and Vomito, Titeuf, whose name actually means little egg in French, spends most of his time indulging in puerile pranks, mainly centering on bodily functions, and asking tons of funny and innocent questions to understand the world of teenagers with all its mysteries. He is also drawn to his classmate Nadia but does know how to deal with girls.

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