Exploring Earthy Luxury in Saint Tropez 2024

Exploring Earthy Luxury in Saint Tropez 2024

What is Earthy Luxury?

earthy luxury st tropez

Earthy luxury is a style concept which has taken the realm of international interior design by storm along the French Riviera, most notably in Provence. A French village known already for its earthy, organic and ‘barefoot beach club luxury’ Saint Tropez has quickly embraced ‘Earthy Luxury’ style elements as it perfectly corresponds to its authentic, age-old Provencal essence.

earthy luxury south of france

Earthy Luxury transforms its blank canvases into sanctuaries totally immersed in nature and combines elements of both natural and earthy aesthetics in high-end settings. It typically involves the use of raw materials, organic shapes and a wide range of textures all inspired by nature. Expertly crafted wood, stone and specially chosen organic fabrics create an overall sense of comfort and opulence all at once in perfect harmony.

What has led to the success of Earthy Luxury in the South of France?

earthy luxury villa in st tropez.

There are a multitude of relevant factors which have contributed to the raging success of this new organic design trend in the South of France.

  1. Wellness and Wellbeing: Earthy Luxury is not only a design trend but represents more importantly a whole lifestyle, one centered more around wellness and wellbeing. Zen gardens, meditation and massage rooms and dedicated yoga studios have become a commonplace in luxury villas for rent in St Tropez.
  2. Uniqueness & Authenticity: One of a kind, handcrafted pieces are used and favored over mass-produced items. This exclusivity appeals especially to high-end clientele looking to create something totally different and artisanal which is unique to them.
  3. Sustainability: Brands promoting Earthy Luxury often prioritize eco-friendly materials, ethical sourcing and sustainability above all else. This attracts and resonates more with environmentally conscious consumers.
  4. Changing Consumer Values: As societal values evolve to become more eco-friendly, so too does the growing desire and demand for products that align with a sustainable lifestyle and mindset. Earthy Luxury caters to these evolving preferences.

Are there Earthy Luxury villas in the St Tropez House collection?

earthy luxury vila st tropez
Yes, St Tropez House has a range of villas for rent in the collection which perfectly embody the Earthy Luxury style.

Discover some examples below:

Vibes: immersed in natural beauty

earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach vibes

earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach interior

Villa Vibes is a beautiful 300m2, 5 bedroom villa which embodies the charm of Provence and its traditional style. Ideally located only 300m from the sands of Pampelonne beach and hidden amongst 6,000m2 of lush Mediterranean gardens, this villa provides a veritable oasis for its guests. The open concept design and use of natural, raw materials and furnishings make this villa a perfect example of Earthy Luxury.

Terra Cotta: a gem overlooking the sea

earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach terra cotta

earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach terra cotta sea view

earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach terra cotta living area

Villa Terra Cotta is a romantic 5 bedroom, neo-Provencal villa located in the prestigious gated community of Cap Tahiti, walking distance to Tahiti beach. Completely surrounded by luxuriant green grounds and enjoying sprawling panoramic sea views over the crescent of Pampelonne bay, this villa is totally surrounded by natural landscapes. The simplistic interior design and use of organic materials and textures throughout the villa make this a top choice for those looking for an earthy chic getaway.

Parasol: nestled under the towering parasol trees

earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach outdoors

rent earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach

let earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach

Villa Parasol is a newly built, 350m2 luxury villa located only 2 minutes walk from Pampelonne beach. Sitting on a pristine piece of 8,000m2 land with towering parasol pine trees, this villa features a wide variety of quality furnishings and organic materials which lend to its comforting energy. Featuring a gated swimming pool, cinema room and trampoline, Villa Parasol is a home away from home in Saint Tropez.

La Source: the essence of Provence

earthy luxury villa la belle isnarde

rent earthy luxury villa la belle isnarde

Villa La Source is a 5 bedroom Provencal property which exemplifies the age-old charm of Provence in the South of France. Located on 1,500m2 of land, this beautiful villa boasts high ceilings with wooden beams, terra cotta tiles and original brick fireplaces reminiscent of days past.

Off-market Earthy Luxury Properties in St Tropez

St Tropez House has an exclusive selection of exceptional off-market villas located in the prestigious residential area of Capon in St Tropez. Two such properties sit on 2 hectares of land overlooking the Mediterranean sea and are unto themselves true works of art. Featuring a plethora of artwork and furnishings from around the world and ‘Earthy Luxury’ architectural and interior designs of these stunning estates are guaranteed to take guests’ breath away.

Contact St Tropez House for more information about these special properties.

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