Earthy Luxury: The Newest Celebrity Trend

Earthy Luxury: The Newest Celebrity Trend

What is Earthy Luxury?

earthy luxury st tropez celebrities

A new international design trend taking Saint Tropez rental villas by storm is what is known as ‘Earthy Luxury‘. Using elements of minimalist design, neutral colour palettes and Japanese wabi-sabi concepts, this style has quickly been adopted by celebrities and famous villas for rent in Saint Tropez, wanting to adopt this new organic design concept in their own homes.

Why has Earthy Luxury become the newest celebrity trend?

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Earthy Luxury finds perfection in imperfection and uses natural elements to create an overall sense of comfort and luxury in its designs. Through the use of raw, often untreated materials and fabrics such as wood, stone, metal and linen, Earthy Luxury fits perfectly with an eco-friendly, sustainable and wellness-driven lifestyle which has swept Hollywood and its celebrities off of its feet in the past decade. Custom craftsmanship and one of a kind architectural elements and furnishings also mean very high price tags therefore celebrities have been the first to adopt this style to stay current with design trends in 2023.

What celebrities have popularised Earthy Luxury?

kim kardashian kanye west earthy luxury villaA look inside Kanye West’s minimalist home (source)

The West family prides themselves in their exquisite Earthy Luxury villa in Los Angeles. A family constantly in the eye of the media, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian quickly fell in love with the minimalist and organic style trend which now defines their family home. Natural shapes, warm lighting, white palettes and organic fabrics adorn this multi-million dollar celebrity household, adding fuel to an already blazing fire of this design trend.

kim kardashian kanye west earthy luxury kitchen interiorA look inside Kanye West’s minimalist home (source)

Other A-list prescribers to this natural design trend include Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his eco-consciousness and earthy design elements in his homes and Gwyneth Paltrow whose elegant and natural-themed homes focus on wellness and sustainability.

Are there Earthy Luxury villas for rent in St Tropez?

earthy luxury st tropez off market properties
Yes, St Tropez House has a selection of luxury villas for rent whose ‘Earthy Luxury’ design delights and comforts its guests during their stay in Saint Tropez.

We also have a range of exquisite ‘Earthy Luxury’ off-market properties, please contact us for more information about this exclusive collection.

Discover our selection of Earthy Luxury villas for rent:


earthy luxury villa pampelonne beach parasol

This 305m2 luxury villa located a short walk from Pampelonne beach uses its stunning natural environment as inspiration for its interior design. Adored with one of a kind wooden furnishings and vast bay windows showing the lush 8,000m2 gardens surrounding it, villa Parasol is an Earthy Luxury oasis. It features 5 guest bedrooms and a gated swimming pool ideal for children.

Terra Cotta

earthy luxury villa pampelonne bay

This neo-Provencal villa towers over the glistening crescent of Pampelonne bay and boasts stunning sea views. It is located in the prestigious gated domain of Cap Tahiti and is within walking distance to Tahiti beach. The natural colour palettes, quality furnishings and minimalist design elements make this 5 bedroom villa feel like a home away from home.


earthy luxury st tropez vibes
Located only a short walk from the iconic white sands of Pampelonne beach is the romantic villa Vibes. This 5 bedroom villa is surrounded by 6,000m2 of manicured Mediterranean gardens and has an open concept design which allows the natural golden light of Saint Tropez to fill its living spaces. The Provencal style blends perfectly with their choice of natural wood furnishings making for the ideal Earthy Luxury atmoshere.

La Source

earthy luxury villa la belle isnarde
This romantic Provencal style villa is over 300m2 and embodies the classic beauty of Provence, having kept many of its original structural elements and amenities such as its brick fireplace. With the use of various natural textures and fabrics and quality furnishings, La Source welcomes guests into a 5 bedroom, Earthy Luxury dream.

Visiting Saint Tropez in summer 2024?

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If you are planning a fabulous holiday in Saint Tropez for 2024 feel free to contact our dedicated St Tropez House rental experts to receive a specially tailored selection of luxury villas to choose from.

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