David Hockney & his influence in Saint Tropez

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Who is David Hockney?

David Hockney, a highly influential figure in the world of modern art, is renowned for his vivid, colorful canvases that challenge the boundaries of artistic traditions. Born in Bradford, England, in 1937, Hockney rose to fame as a key figure in the British Pop Art movement of the 1960s. His work, characterised by playful yet profound explorations of personal and universal themes, spans a variety of talents, including painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography. Hockney’s fascination and focus with the interplay of light and water culminated in his iconic series of swimming pool paintings, emblematic of the California lifestyle. This interest in capturing the essence of leisure and luxury environments extended to the South of France, where his visit to Saint Tropez in the late 1960s influenced his artistic perspective, adding a new layer of Mediterranean romance and beauty to his already highly-acclaimed work.

What impact did David Hockney have on the world?

While David Hockney was not an activist in the conventional sense, his art had a profound cultural and social impact on the world, notably during the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s. His art displayed and celebrated themes of gay love at a time when homosexuality was highly frowned upon and even illegal in some places. His ability to challenge traditional conventions and inspire openness towards the LGBTQ+ community through his work is one of his most powerful legacies. Other influential artists during this period included Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe and British duo Gilbert & George.

Did David Hockney ever visit Saint Tropez?

Yes, David Hockney visited Saint Tropez in the autumn of 1968, during the time of the sexual revolution. He stayed with his partner Peter Schlesinger at the home of film director Tony Richardson, Le Nid de Duc, which was located in a wooded residential area above Saint Tropez Bay. Richardson’s villa provided a secluded and inspiring environment to Hockney. This visit significantly influenced his work, as he captured various photographs of Richardson’s swimming pool from different perspectives. These photographs later served as the source images for paintings Hockney completed back in London​​​​.

Where did David Hockney stay in Saint Tropez?

david hockneys tay in le nid de duc st topez

Richardson’s residence (Image source)

David Hockney stayed at Le Nid de Duc, St Topez villa of film director Tony Richardson during his visit to Saint Tropez in the autumn of 1968. Richardson’s residence was located in a secluded area in the forest above Saint Tropez Bay and this visit significantly influenced Hockney’s future work.

How did Hockney’s visit to Saint Tropez influence his artwork?

During his stay, Hockney was captivated by the scenic beauty of Saint Tropez, with Richardson’s swimming pool emerging as a particular point of fascination. He photographed the pool from a range of angles, capturing every aspect through his lens. These photographs were not mere souvenirs; they became vital source material for a series of paintings he would later complete. The South of France’s distinctive golden sunlight, which has enchanted numerous artists throughout history, held a special allure for Hockney. In his works, he played with the positions of light and water in the Tropezien pool in a masterful and unparalleled way.

What is the inspiration of the most famous painting “Portrait of an Artist” by David Hockney?

david hockney portait artist agape
“Portrait of an Artist” displayed at villa Agape in Les Parcs de St Tropez

David Hockney’s famous painting “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” from 1972 is one of his most iconic works, displaying his fascination with swimming pools, reflections, and the interplay of water and light. The inspiration behind this painting is a blend of personal relationships, his interest in swimming pools as a subject, and is rumored to have been inspired by the special time he spent at Le Nid de Duc in Saint Tropez with his partner Peter Schlesinger and film director Tony Richardson.

What aspect of Saint-Tropez appealed to David Hockney?

Hockney was drawn to the secluded, tranquil environment of Saint Tropez, especially the lavish forest area above the bay of St Tropez. The unique Mediterranean light and the leisurely, luxurious lifestyle of the region also appealed to him, as these elements were often reflected in his works.

Did Hockney’s visit to Saint Tropez mark a significant period in his artistic career?

Yes, Hockney’s visit to St Tropez came during a pivotal time in his career. His exploration of swimming pools and their reflections, a theme that began to emerge more prominently in his work after this visit, marked a significant evolution in his artistic style and unique focus.

What designer villas for rent does St Tropez House suggest for art lovers?

las brisas david hockney pampelonne rental artistic
An ode to “Portrait of an Artist” by Emilia Jedamska at villa Las Brisas in Pampelonne

There are two villas for rent in Saint Tropez which are particularly infused with the creative spirit and artistic inspiration of David Hockney’s artistic philosophy. These beautiful villas are Agape in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez and Las Brisas in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle.

las brisas pampelonne art curated luxury villa rental
The contemporary art filled living room of Las Brisas in Ramatuelle

Villa Agape is a stylish 5 bedroom villa adorned with carefully curated pieces of contemporary art. The ideal villa to rent for families or groups of friends wishing to spend a special holiday in Saint Tropez, such as David Hockney did in 1968, villa Agape is the perfect choice.

Villa La Brisas on the other hand takes luxury to a new level and offers guests a fully-staffed, exclusive experience while in St Tropez. Adorned with beautiful pieces of modern art, this 7 bedroom villa features picturesque sea views from its heated infinity swimming pool, enjoying similar inspirational views once experienced by David Hockney himself.

For more information about St Tropez House’s collection and the ideal villas to rent in Saint Tropez for art enthusiasts, visit the St Tropez House blog.

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