Chalet 1551: a snowy Austrian oasis

Chalet 1551: a snowy Austrian oasis

What is Chalet 1551?

Chalet 1551 is an ultra-luxurious 6-bedroom chalet located in Oberlech, Austria, accommodating up to 12 guests. It is ideal for families, featuring a bedroom equipped with bunk beds for children. The chalet’s living spaces are spacious and beautifully decorated, offering panoramic views of the Austrian mountains. Enhanced by its luxurious amenities and dedicated staff, it promises an unforgettable stay.

Where is Chalet 1551 located?

chalet 1551 experiences mountains view

Chalet 1551 is situated in a prime location of Oberlech, 6764 Lech, in Austria, a picturesque mountain village and exclusive ski resort in the westernmost Austrian state of Vorarlberg. Originally a farming community, Oberlech, part of Lech am Arlberg, began to transform with the arrival of the Arlberg Railway in the late 19th century, which revealed its natural beauty to the world. This development marked the beginning of its journey as a tourist destination and introduced the sport of skiing to the area.

What awards has Chalet 1551 won?

Yes, Chalet 1551 has won a selection of prestigious awards for its exceptional services and amenities in the 2023 World Luxury Hotel Awards. These awards include:

  • Best Luxury Private Chalet – Global Winner: This award highlights Chalet 1551’s exceptional quality and service on a global scale, marking it as the top luxury private chalet worldwide.
  • Best Luxury Ski Chalet in Europe: This specific award distinguishes Chalet 1551 as the leading luxury ski chalet in Europe, emphasising its prominence and excellence in the European luxury ski chalet category.
  • Best Luxury Ski Lodge – Global Winner: This award recognises Chalet 1551 as the foremost luxury ski lodge on a global level.

These awards reflect the chalet’s commitment to excellence in offering luxurious and memorable stays, particularly for those seeking an unparalleled ski experience.

Why is Oberlech a famous ski location?

oberlech austria chalet 1551

Oberlech is known for offering an upscale alpine experience to the high-end international ski community. It is a renowned ski resort in the Arlberg region, famous for its beautiful alpine scenery, high-quality skiing, and luxurious amenities. The Arlberg region offers a wide range of skiing opportunities with 305 kilometers of skiing slopes and 200 kilometers of deep-snow hills. It is also considered the birthplace of modern alpine skiing, being one of the largest connected ski areas in Austria and one of the largest in Europe. Lech am Arlberg is also a member of the “Best of the Alps” group, signifying its status as a top-tier ski resort.

Is there ski-in and ski-out access to Chalet 1551?

chalet 1551 lech mountain skiing
Yes, Chalet 1551 boasts the most convenient ski-in and ski-out access to the stunning slopes of Oberlech, Austria. This makes it an ideal choice for avid skiers looking for quick and easy access to some of the best skiing terrain in the world.

What amenities does Chalet 1551 have?

chalet 1551 spa
Chalet 1551 boasts a selection of luxurious amenities that cater to guests’ every need. These lavish amenities include an indoor swimming pool with views of the snow-capped mountains, a jacuzzi, massage room, two types of saunas, a relaxation area overlooking the mountains, a bar, wine cellar, library, games room, and a fully-equipped gym.

What does the spa area of Chalet 1551 include?

chalet 1551 sauna
The chic spa area of Chalet 1551 features all the amenities needed to wind down after a long day on the slopes. It includes both a Finnish sauna and an infrared sauna, a special hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a massage room for those wishing to enjoy treatments or massages, a jacuzzi, and an indoor swimming pool. The modern design, coupled with the Alpine charm and mountain views from the spa of Chalet 1551, is sure to create the ultimate wellness experience.

Is Chalet 1551 fully staffed?

chalet 1551 bar
Yes, Chalet 1551 comes complete with the following experienced personnel, whose mission is to make the guests’ stay as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. This includes full-time butler and concierge service, housekeeping twice a day, private chefs, an on-call spa therapist, and a driver available.

What kind of food is served at Chalet 1551?

chalet 1551 food
The private chefs at Chalet 1551, who are Michelin-starred, serve the most exquisite and decadent dishes. From light fare to traditional Alpine delicacies, guests will be delighted with every meal served at Chalet 1551. These talented chefs can also tailor menus to accommodate specific dietary preferences or restrictions, ensuring a personalised dining experience for all guests.

What winter activities are available at Chalet 1551?

chalet 1551 lech mountain ski trip
The main winter activity surrounding Chalet 1551 is alpine skiing, given its location in one of the top ski resorts, Lech am Arlberg. The slopes surrounding Chalet 1551 offer some of the best skiing in Europe, along with other winter sports and activities such as snowboarding, snowshoeing, and sleigh rides.

What is the best method of transportation while staying at Chalet 1551?

Chalet 1551 comes equipped with a luxury SUV and a Polaris snowmobile, which are available for shuttling guests. These come complete with a complimentary chauffeur service within Lech.

What summer activities are available at Chalet 1551?

In addition to its renowned winter sports, Lech offers a variety of summer activities, making it an attractive destination year-round. Visitors can engage in hiking and mountain biking, exploring the stunning Alpine landscapes. Furthermore, water sports are also available, adding to the diverse range of outdoor activities that one can enjoy in the beautiful surroundings of Lech.

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