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Rent a Mini Moke in Saint Tropez

What is the history of the Mini Moke and how did it evolve into a popular vehicle?   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by M Parts (@mparts_minimoke) The Mini Moke was created by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in the 1960s and was initially intended as a lightweight military and police...

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Celebrity Hotspots in Saint Tropez: A Look at the Stars’ Favourite Locales

What celebrities are commonly seen in Saint Tropez? Saint Tropez is a well-known hotspot for celebrities, attracting a range of high-profile personalities from various fields including film, music, and fashion. This small French town attracts such VIP guests each season thanks to its beautiful beaches, exclusive clubs, lavish lifestyle and legendary rise to fame tied...

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Sailing in Style: Luxury Yacht Experiences around Saint Tropez

Embarking on a summer adventure to Saint Tropez by yacht, whether your own or a chartered yacht, is an unparalleled example of decadence and freedom. The Mediterranean coastline of St Tropez, renowned for its starlit culture and breathtaking scenery, becomes even more beautiful when approached from sea. One can instantly spot their arrival to the...

the venetian biennale art festival 2024

The Venetian Biennale Art Festival 2024

What is the Venetian Biennale Art Festival? The Venice Biennale, also known as the Venetian Biennale, is one of the most prestigious cultural events in the world, particularly in the field of contemporary art. It is known for displaying groundbreaking art. Established in 1895, making it one of the oldest biennials in the world, it...

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The ideal selection of rental villas in St Tropez for cyclists

Stunning trails through coastal roads, urban areas and past picturesque Provence vineyards await cyclists visiting St Tropez for a summer getaway. Known for some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, the South of France, and more specifically the village of St Tropez, offers an ideal layout and infrastructure to welcome cyclists to enjoy...