Brigitte Bardot: the Muse of Saint Tropez

Brigitte Bardot the Muse of Saint Tropez

Who is Brigitte Bardot?

Brigitte Bardot is the star of Saint Tropez. Often synonymous with the sultry appeal of St Tropez, Bardot is a former French actress, singer, and fashion model who became an international icon in the 1950s and 1960s. Her role in the film “And God Created Woman” (1956) not only put St Tropez on the map as a jet-set destination but also cemented Bardot’ status as a sex symbol. Bardot’s blonde hair, distinctive style, and on-screen confidence contributed to her allure, while her transition to animal rights activism later in life showcased her multifaceted persona. Her impact on fashion, film, and pop culture remains, with her name forever linked to St Tropez.

What made Brigitte Bardot a famous sex symbol?

The most photographed woman in the word, a ‘sex kitten’ and the ‘princess of pout’ are all names which have been attributed to Brigitte Bardot. Her status as an international sex symbol was fueled by her striking looks, sensual on-screen presence, and the release of the 1956 film “And God Created Woman,” in which her portrayal of an uninhibited young woman challenged the era’s norms and sparked a global fascination. Her blond tousled hair, captivating beauty, and distinctive style, combined with her carefree and overtly sexual demeanor, both on and off the screen, resonated with the sexual revolution of the times and created a sexual liberation for women. Bardot’s confident display of sexuality and her embrace of naturalism in fashion, such as going barefoot or wearing casual yet revealing clothing, distinguished her from other stars of the period and captivated the public’s imagination, solidifying her status as a symbol of sensuality and a trendsetter.

What is Brigitte Bardot famous for?

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Brigitte Bardot is predominantly famous for being a French film actress, model, and sex symbol of the 1950s and 1960s. She starred in numerous films and became an international icon of allure and fashion, often credited with popularising the bikini and inspiring hairstyles and clothing trends. Beyond her cinematic and fashion influences, she was also a singer, having released a full album called “Brigitte Bardot Sings” in 1963. A little known fact is that Bardot even trained as a classical ballet dancer for several years, it being her initial passion in life before film.

How many films did Brigitte Bardot star in?

Brigitte Bardot was in a total of 48 films during her career, the most famous being her first film ‘And God Created Woman’ in 1956 and ‘A Very Private Affair’ in 1962.

What impact did Brigitte Bardot have on fashion and popular culture?


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There are few shops, restaurants, art galleries, or villas in St Tropez that do not have a photo of St Tropez’s muse, Brigitte Bardot. So profound was her impact on the world of fashion, film, and popular culture that she has left a never-ending legacy of style, beauty, and talent for women globally. Such items as the bikini became a must-have item after her appearance in ‘And God Created Woman.’ Bardot also brought to the world ‘the Bardot neckline,’ a wide open neck that exposes both shoulders, which is still a staple in fashion today. Her tousled, blonde hair and natural makeup look encouraged a beauty ideal that favored a more relaxed and sensual aesthetic over the stiff formality of previous decades. Beyond fashion, Bardot was also known for her outspokenness and lifestyle choices, liberating the traditional form of femininity and helping to redefine women’s roles in modern society, making her an icon of cultural change.

Which artists and photographers has Brigitte Bardot collaborated with and inspired?

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Brigitte Bardot’s distinctive style captivated many artists and photographers, leading to collaborations and inspirations across a wide spectrum of creative arts. She was famously photographed by Henri Cartier-Bresson, who captured her at the Cannes Film Festival in 1953, and by Sam Lévin, who contributed significantly to her image as a sex symbol. Bardot also inspired the renowned pop artist Andy Warhol, who created colorful portraits of her, thus cementing her status as a muse of the pop art movement. Fashion photographers like Richard Avedon and Terry O’Neill also captured Bardot in images that have become emblematic of her era. Moreover, her beauty and charisma influenced countless designers, with her style still echoed in contemporary fashion.

What is Brigitte Bardot’s connection to Saint Tropez?

Brigitte Bardot’s connection to Saint Tropez is large and important. It is etched into the fabric of this French Riviera town, transforming it from a sleepy fishing village into a sizzling jet-set destination. Her arrival to St Tropez in the 1950s to film “And God Created Woman” sparked Bardot’s love and intrinsic connection to Saint Tropez. Her sensuality and carefree lifestyle became synonymous with the town’s allure. The film’s success brought Saint Tropez into the spotlight, as the embodiment of sun-soaked luxury and glamour, a place where Bardot was often seen basking in the Mediterranean sun or strolling the old port. Her continued residence and the establishment of her home, La Madrague, on the outskirts of Saint Tropez, solidified the town’s status as a must-visit summer enclave.

How did Brigitte Bardot contribute to the fame and growth of St Tropez?

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Brigitte Bardot’s impact on St Tropez was transformative; her presence in the town during the shooting of “And God Created Woman” in 1956 served as a catalyst for its transformation. The film showcased the beauty and seductive charm of St Tropez, and as Bardot frolicked on its beaches and wandered its quaint streets, the world’s eyes turned to the then-quiet fishing village. Following the movie’s release, the allure of St Tropez’s sun-drenched lifestyle became irresistible, drawing celebrities, artists, and the global elite. Bardot’s continued association with St Tropez, her trendsetting style, and her embodiment of a liberated, carefree spirit turned the town into an emblem of the chic, luxurious, and hedonistic lifestyle that came to define the jet-set era, spurring its growth into one of the Mediterranean’s most glamorous and sought-after destinations to vacation and rent a luxury villa.

What has Brigitte Bardot been doing in recent years?

In recent years, Brigitte Bardot has devoted herself to the animal rights movement, stepping away from her film career to focus on activism. She established the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals in 1986 and has been actively involved in advocating for animal welfare, fighting against the fur trade, factory farming, and animal abuse worldwide. Bardot has also been a vocal critic of the mistreatment of animals in various cultural practices and has authored books on the subject, such as “Tears of Battle: An Animal Rights Memoir”. Using her celebrity status to raise awareness and funds for the cause, her commitment to animal rights remains the central focus of her life in the public eye today.

Does Brigitte Bardot live in Saint Tropez?

Yes, Brigitte Bardot currently resides in Saint Tropez, where she has lived for many years. She settled there after her rise to international stardom, and it’s where she established her home, La Madrague, which became almost as legendary as Bardot herself. While she has retreated from the public eye, her presence continues to contribute to the town’s allure as a symbol of French Riviera chic and bohemian glamour.

Where does Brigitte Bardot live in St Tropez?

La Madrague is the name of Brigitte Bardot’s estate in Saint Tropez. Acquired during the height of her fame in the 1950s, the property became her sanctuary from the paparazzi and eventually her main residence. The name “La Madrague” also became closely associated with Bardot herself, signifying her lifestyle and the laid-back, sun-drenched beauty she represented. The home has its own place in pop culture, famously referenced in Bardot’s song “La Madrague,” which is an ode to the quiet life away from the celebrity spotlight. Over the years, the estate has become a symbol of Bardot’s deep connection and love of Saint Tropez. It also displays her deep love for animals, serving as a private retreat where she has lived a more reclusive life, dedicating her time to her animal rights activism.

Can you rent a luxury villa in St Tropez close to Brigitte Bardot?

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