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Yeeels Group St Tropez

Who is Who in Saint Tropez: Yeeels Group

Image source: Yeeels Group The trendy universe of Yeeels Group has been taking the international dining scene by storm since its inception in 2014 with Verde restaurant in Paris. The know-how and prowess of this international catering and event group is headed by Parisian founder and Alex Bril, a forward thinker who has led Yeeels...

guide to the top 5 reasons to rent a villa in pampelonne

Guide to the Top 5 reasons to rent a villa in Pampelonne

A blend of beauty, sophistication, and adventure, Pampelonne in Ramatuelle is the ideal location to rent a luxury villa this summer. From exclusive access to the best beach clubs lining the azure shores to breathtaking sea views that redefine coastal living, Pampelonne offers the ultimate retreat for discerning travellers wanting to enjoy the iconic Saint...

Investing Pampelonne Property

A Complete Guide to Saving Time, Money & Taxes when Investing in a Pampelonne Property

What are the essential questions investors must ask themselves before beginning their property search in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle? The five-kilometer stretch of white sand beach in Pampelonne, Ramatuelle is not only a historically significant location, filled with stories of stars and glamorous periods of history, but it is also today a sought-after destination for luxury living...

pampelonne why purchasing land here is a highly sought after investment

Pampelonne: Why purchasing land here is a highly-sought after investment

What areas in and around Saint Tropez are the most sought-after to purchase a property? When analysing the real estate market of Saint Tropez, two standout areas emerge as the most attractive and highly sought-after for property investors. Pampelonne in Ramatuelle and the prestigious gated community, Les Parcs de St Tropez, are undoubtedly the most...

chalet 1551 experiences

Chalet 1551: a snowy Austrian oasis

What is Chalet 1551? Chalet 1551 is an ultra-luxurious 6-bedroom chalet located in Oberlech, Austria, accommodating up to 12 guests. It is ideal for families, featuring a bedroom equipped with bunk beds for children. The chalet’s living spaces are spacious and beautifully decorated, offering panoramic views of the Austrian mountains. Enhanced by its luxurious amenities...

Kids friendly beach La Cabane Bambou Pampelonne

Monaco School Holidays 2024: Be in the know and plan your summer holiday accordingly

How many schools are there in Monaco and do they all have the same holidays? Monaco, despite being a small city-state, has a diverse range of educational institutions, including public, private, and international schools. The exact number of schools can vary, but there are several at each educational level – primary, secondary, and higher education....

las brisas pampelonne exotic car rental saint tropez

Top 5 Rental Villas with Easy Access for Supercars

What are supercars? Supercars, some of which are known as “exotics,” are high-performance sports cars from prestigious manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. These cars are celebrated for their exceptional speed, power, and cutting-edge technology and are designed to push the boundaries of speed and design. They feature...

chanel house of chanel st tropez

Coco Chanel & Saint Tropez

What makes Saint Tropez a premier fashion destination? Saint Tropez’s ascent as a premier fashion destination is rooted in its historical transformation from a simple fishing village to a top resort favoured by artists, celebrities, and fashion icons. In the 1950s and 1960s, it became a playground for the international elite, drawing figures like Brigitte...