A Guide to Renovating a Property in St Tropez

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As one of the most prestigious and glamorous destinations in the world, boasting luxurious surroundings, haute cuisine and 300 days of blissful sun-drenched days, having a property in St Tropez is without a doubt the pinnacle investment in any real estate portfolio.

Whether you are purchasing a property as a secondary home or buying to let in St Tropez, it is important to understand the finer details. Curated with expert knowledge from our consultants at St Tropez House, we have provided the most up to date and essential information to prepare you for becoming a homeowner in Saint Tropez.

Why should I renovate or build a property in Saint Tropez?

There are an abundance of reasons why purchasing a property in Saint Tropez is on the top many Billionnaire’s bucket list. As one of the most iconic destinations on the French Riviera, this small village of only 5.9 mi² (equivalent to 15.18km2), has an international demand for properties which far outweighs its supply. Well-known for its celebrity history, opulent crowds and magnificent superyachts, Saint Tropez has surpassed Paris as the most expensive real estate in France, with prices rising 15% since 2015. It is a world in which transactions are made very quickly and some of the best opportunities are those which are off-market. Is it for this reason that St Tropez House suggests working with local agents who are on the ground and familiar with this unique market. Saint Tropez attracts buyers looking for stable investments which are guaranteed to grow over time. Plots of land to build on in and around Saint Tropez are extremely scarce, it is therefore important to know that any building or renovation project will include demolishing an existing structure or renovating it.

What type of property can I renovate or build in St Tropez?

St Tropez plays host to a variety of different architectural styles to suit a range of lifestyles. Around the beaches of Pampelonne, to the exclusive communities of Les Parcs, the most popular choice of architecture is to keep the charm of the original Provençal exterieur and blend it with sleek, modern interior design. Many owners will also choose to install large windows in their villas in order to take advantage of the lush surroundings. Villa Agape is located in the prestigious domain Les Parcs de Saint Tropez and a perfect example of this type of architecture.

renovating or building a property villa agape les parcs saint tropez
Rent Villa Agape in Les Parcs de St Tropez

A villa renovation or new build in Saint Tropez will in many cases include the addition of new amenities such as a sauna or hammam, billiard room, children’s play room or private cinema. Villa Sassari included both a private cinema and billiard room in its recent renovation. If you are interested in purchasing a property to let, these amenities are a very important addition to any luxury villa in Saint Tropez.

renovating or building a property in st tropez billiard room
Billiard room in Villa Sassari based in St Tropez

While you may already have a set design in mind, it is essential to discuss renovating a property in St Tropez with a knowledgeable architect as certain projects will require special planning permissions. A skilled architect will help you to find a great balance between your project plans, your budget and the potential of the property.

Where should I renovate a property in Saint Tropez & Ramatuelle?

While Saint Tropez is a hub for glamour and opulence, this spectacular region has a beautifully quaint and rustic side – perfect for whatever lifestyle you are after. Properties in the most popular areas of Saint Tropez are of course the most highly sought after for sale and rent and therefore those with higher budgets should search in these areas. The average price for properties in the area of Pampelonne around Boulevard Patch (the road leading to Club 55), are 5,000,000 EUR and property development trends follow the full refurbishment and renovation of existing properties in this area. The famous stretch of Pampelonne underwent an extreme renovation in 2019 and the whole area has followed suit to upgrade this sought after district of Ramatuelle. Other prestigious areas include Les Parcs de Saint Tropez which forecasts ever increasing property prices and is a fantastic place to invest in a property to renovate. Lower property prices can be found in La Belle Isnarde, which most recent data revealed an average sales price of 2.3M EUR or the areas of Saint Anne and Les Carles with an average price of 3.3M EUR.

renovating to rent st tropez bay buying property
Renovate Property in St Tropez

At St Tropez House, we understand that investors wish to find their perfect property to renovate in their unique style. For ideal restoration opportunities and advice about purchasing property in Saint Tropez, contact our team of specialists.

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