A Guide to Finding Land in St Tropez

A Guide to Finding Land in St Tropez

Saint Tropez is one of the most established coastal areas in the world, so it is little surprise that it also boasts one of the most exclusive property markets on the planet.

While there are many incredible luxury villas to rent in St Tropez, finding land in St Tropez is also a great investment opportunity. Whether you are looking to build an ultra-luxurious lifestyle just off Pampelonne beach, or embrace the Provençal summers in a beautiful Bastide, building a property enables you to bring your property vision into a reality. We have created an essential guide to finding land in St Tropez.

Who Can Help Me Find Land in St Tropez?

When beginning to think about acquiring land in Saint Tropez, it is first important to know that empty plots of land for new builds are very scarce if not nonexistent in this exclusive village. In 90% of cases the properties with building opportunities will be pieces of land with preexisting structures on them which you can either demolish and rebuild or renovate. The possibilities of any building project are susceptible to specific building restrictions and must be approved by Saint Tropez’s town hall.

There are several ways you can find land for sale in Saint-Tropez. One way is to contact an experienced real estate agent. Our expert agents are dedicated to finding land in St Tropez that suits your ideal requirements, from area, budget, and property potential. With property agents living and working in Saint Tropez all year round, we can provide the most up to date information on the latest land for sale in your chosen area. St Tropez House recently launched a one-of-a-kind Sales Report which provides Government statistics and expert insight into the 7 principal districts of Saint Tropez and the budgets one can expect for each. The highest property prices are found in the prestigious gated domain of Les Parcs, while the 3 most affordable districts include La Belle Isnarde, Sainte Anne and Les Salins.

finding land in st tropez
Land in St Tropez

How Much Can I Expect to Spend on Land in St Tropez?

Acquiring land in St Tropez is the pinnacle of any investor’s property portfolio. With over 6 million tourists per year and 30,000 per day visiting St Tropez in the summer months, it is little wonder that investors tend to look at Saint-Tropez as an attractive opportunity to buy for let.

While St Tropez is notoriously one of the most expensive and exclusive places to build alongside Paris, the cost of the land can vary highly. Cost of land will depend on the location and external factors such as how far the land is to the nearest services, including power, water, telephone and waste systems. The topography and soil type will also determine how much the land is and the potential of the property, as some soil types will allow for more depth in the foundations. Properties within the heart of Saint Tropez and top tourist destinations such as Pampelonne are scarce and would begin at 5,000,000 EUR, whereas areas on the outskirts of Saint Tropez such as Grimaud, Cogolin and Sainte Maxime would have much lower prices.

For exact costs of land for sale at the moment, contact one of our property agents at St Tropez House today.

finding land in st tropez gassin
Land in St Tropez Gassin

What Kind of Property Can I Build in St Tropez?

Saint Tropez is a town of remarkable architecture and unique style, from ultra-contemporary to charming Provençal villas set amongst the vineyards. While you may have a set design in mind, it is essential you meet with a local architect who can advise you on the rules that apply to your land. An architect will draw up a perfect balance of your ideas, budget and what is possible when building in St Tropez. Before embarking on your build, an architect will apply for a “Plan Local d’Urbanisme or ‘PLU’” – which describes in detail what can be built on the chosen piece of land and any restrictions that apply. This will then form the basis of your project feasibility. As a general rule of thumb, no structure in Saint Tropez can be built higher than 2 levels, or roughly 6.5m high.

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