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Villas of the month – March 2014

Have a look at villas of the month we listed for you below and keep in touch with Emilia who will advise you on the best options and will guarantee the best value for money. Send an email to or call: +33 677 47 999 6. Contact Emilia for the best villas in 7,000...


Best Beaches in Saint Tropez

When you live full time in one of the most beautiful corners of the world like Saint Tropez, it is often difficult to be objective about its qualities. For example, those of us who work at St Tropez House, leading providers of luxury villas for rent and for sale in the Saint Tropez area, think...


Nice Carnival Comes Alive

It’s that time of year again, when the thriving metropolis of Nice goes carnival-tastic and giant figurines dance to the sound of music ringing through the town. It’s a wonderful occasion to jump in a car – or a helicopter – to make the journey from your luxury villa in Saint Tropez to Nice and...