Here comes the sun! St Tropez House reveals the top villas to rent in 2023.

Here comes the sun! St Tropez House reveals the top villas to rent in 2023.

After the absolute success of the 2022 season and our intimate experiences with our existing and new top villas introduced into the St Tropez House collection, we are confident to present to you our ultimate list of top villas to rent in Saint Tropez for 2023!

These first choice villas will be fully rented shortly therefore we urge you to pre-book your favourite before it is no longer available. Peak booking season is upon us and the time to secure your 2023 Saint Tropez holiday villa is now!

Our 2023 list has been organised into three tiers. Each featuring villas located in prime and highly sought after locations such as Pampelonne, Les Parcs de St Tropez and Tahiti. Each villa has been selected for a wide variety of reasons and the St Tropez House team would be happy to provide you with any additional information you wish upon request.

Are you ready? Here we go!

100,000 EUR/week & upwards

  • Ama – a heaven away from home.
rent villa st tropez 100000EUR upwards ama
Rent Villa Ama in Pampelonne Beach

This 7 bedroom ultra-contemporary villa is a unique gem located in the heart of Pampelonne. It enjoys the most prestigious view of Pampelonne bay which we have ever witnessed!
This is a fully staffed villa, offering 4 elite members of staff whose goal is to ensure guests have the ultimate ‘AMA experience’. The Owner of this villa has also just added a luxurious massage/esthetician room hidden in a secluded area of the lush gardens.

  • Las Brisas – a pristine property floating just above the sea.
rent villa st tropez 100000EUR upwards brisas
Rent Villa Brisas in Pampelonne Beach

This villa offers guests with a seemingly super-yacht experience. With pristine design and full staff which pays meticulous attention to details, Las Brisas offers guests an effortlessly elegant location to stay in Pampelonne. Its newly built, professional gym is the newest addition to this stunning property.

rent villa st tropez 100000EUR upwards vertige
Rent Villa Vertige in Pampelonne Beach

The newest member of the St Tropez House family, Villa Vertige is an ultra-contemporary treasure which towers over Pampelonne Bay. This is a smart villa, both in its sleek design and built-in technology which makes any wish granted with the push of a button. Its layout and prime location also make this the perfect off-season property to rent.

  • La Bella Vita – a romantic setting with breathtaking sea views.
rent villa st tropez la bella vita les parcs
Rent Villa La Bella Vita in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez

La Vita è Bella in this beautiful villa located in the prestigious private domain Les Parcs de Saint Tropez. This villa boasts a unique sea view experience in Les Parcs which few villas can compare to with sprawling panoramic views of bay of Canoubiers. New additions for staff quarters, large & luxurious rooms, attentive live-in staff and the overall romantic flow of the villa are unparalleled.

40,000 EUR – 100,000 EUR/week

  • Sassari – an elegant pied-a-terre in Pampelonne.
rent villa st tropez 40000-100000EUR sassari
Rent Villa Sassari in Pampelonne Beach

This 350m2 villa is located within 5 minutes walk to the golden sands of Pampelonne and the famed Club 55. The layout and stately design of this villa make guests feel instantly at home and ready to enjoy the delights of St Tropez! With extra amenities such as a lavish cinema and billiard room and a planned project for a fully equipped gym in 2023, this villa is a top choice and is guaranteed to be fully booked soon!

  • Malko – a flawlessly chic property with a history.
rent villa st tropez 40000-100000EUR malko
Rent Villa Malko in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez

Located in the highly-sought after domain Les Parcs de Saint Tropez, is the glorious villa Malko. This fully-staffed features a winning team who will ensure your every needs are met during your stay. Designed by internationally recognised designer Stéphanie Coutas and completed in 2021, this villa has been transformed from a Provencal delight into a Bohemian Couture haven. This villa is sure to impress the most discerning of guests.

  • Parasol – our new Belle of the Ball.
rent villa st tropez 40000-100000EUR parasol
Rent Villa Parasol in Ramatuelle

Our newest addition to the St Tropez House family and an instant top choice for our guests. Villa Parasol checks every box for the ultimate place to stay during your Saint Tropez getaway. Featuring the latest interior design fashions and extra amenities such as a private cinema and trampoline for the children, this villa is a home away from home. Winning our best designed villa of 2022, this villa proves that ‘Fashion fades but style is eternal’ – Yves St Laurent.

  • Agape – the beloved top choice for returning guests.
rent villa st tropez 40000 100000EUR agape
Rent Villa Agape in Les Parcs de Saint Tropez

Year after year villa Agape seduces its guests to instantly pre-book for the following season. The timeless elegance, ultimate layout & design and illustrious location in the domain of Les Parcs de Saint Tropez makes this villa the consistent top contender in our collection. It has also just added an outdoor gym overlooking the swimming pool for those wanting to keep up with their sporty routines while on holiday!

15,000 EUR – 40,000 EUR/week

rent villa st tropez 15000-40000EUR terra cotta
Rent Villa Terra Cotta in Cap Tahiti

Located in the secure, private domain Cap Tahiti, villa Terra Cotta is a perfect place to hang your sun hat while in Saint Tropez. Enjoying a beautiful panoramic view of Pampelonne, large gardens and ideal location within a gated domain, Terra Cotta offers the luxuries of a top budget villa in a handsome, less costly package.

  • Mistra 55a boho-chic haven in the heart of Pampelonne
Rent Villa Mistra 55 in Pampelonne

Ideally situated within walking distance to the golden sands of Pampelonne and the acclaimed Club 55; Mistra 55 is the perfect contemporary villa to rent for your summer 2023 getaway. This 5 bedroom villa features a beautiful sea view and perfect open spaces to share memories with family and friends in Saint Tropez.

For villas ranging from 12,000 EUR -15,000 EUR we offer a collection of properties located in the lovely private Domaine de la Castellane. This gated domain is ideally located within walking distance of Place des Lices and Bouillabaisse beach! It is a quiet, residential area which is perfect for families or guests looking for a peaceful place to stay close to St Tropez centre.
Each of these villas feature 4 en-suite bedrooms, lovely living & dining areas and a swimming pool. Choose from the three villas in this collection: Origan, Azalee or Le Lierre (contact us to receive a PDF of this property).

Whether you are interested in an ultra-opulent experience or simply an elegant location for your family holiday, St Tropez House is pleased to present the top villas to rent in 2023! The perfect time to book your favourite villa is now, these villas will be fully booked by Christmas therefore contact us to inquire about your 2023 villa!

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