Top Marque’s Top-10 Facts

Last weekend you probably had the opportunity to drive your supercar from Saint Tropez to Monaco to attend the famous Top Marques event that took place at the Grimaldi Forum. If you did, you will have seen dozens of luxury cars, beautiful jewelry expositions and several fashion shows. However, there are some interesting facts that you might not have realised:

The supercar show welcomed up to 42,000 visitors this year The AeroMobile 3.0 presented at the show would go on sale for “hundreds of thousands of euros” according to its producers The most expensive luxury product on display at the show was the Cloud 9 60m superyacht, on sale for more than 34 million Euro During the show the test drive team held 1,300 rides for potential supercars buyers The most expensive water toy presented at the show was the jet surf, which has a price tag of 12,500 Euro The 2015 Top Marques Show was broadcasted by more than 30 TV crews from all over the world During the show Prince Albert II of Monaco unveiled six world premieres The total value of sales that took place during the show is expected to top 200 million Euro The most expensive car presented at the show was ZENVO ST1, with a price tag of around 800,000 Euro Steven Saltzman, director of Top Marques Monaco, said that this year’s show “has topped all our expectations, and the expectations of our exhibitors.”

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