Discover the Cannes Yacht Show from your luxury Saint Tropez villa

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One of the beauties of deciding to rent a house in Saint Tropez is that you will find yourself at the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside in France, yet within easy reach of a number of the most glamorous resorts along the French Riviera.

Take Cannes, for example. The famous festival town to which anyone who is anyone in the movie business amasses in May when the annual Cannes Film Festival takes centre stage on the celebrated Croisette. This is just an hour by boat – or 15 minutes by helicopter – from Saint Tropez.

It’s not just in May that tourists who rent a house in Saint Tropez should consider a trip to the attractive town an hour and ten minutes by car along the Mediterranean coast.

Cannes hosts a number of other world-class exhibitions including the Cannes Yacht Show, a magnificent event show-casing more than 500 boats which will no doubt appeal to any yachting enthusiasts who rent a house in Saint Tropez.

The show, which will take place from 11th to 16th September in Cannes’ Vieux Port and Port Pierre Canto, is the leading in-water boat exhibition in Europe and the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

Those who decide to rent a house in Saint Tropez during September and make the trip to Cannes will be able to peruse the 583 boats on display in water and on land, more than a third of which will be on show for the first time.

If you are lucky and beat the queues, yacht lovers amongst you will also be able to take advantage of a unique opportunity offered by the Cannes Yacht Show which is to trial the boats on the open sea. What could be better than taking the helm of a luxury yacht and experiencing the wonderful sensation of sailing without parting with any money?